Backpack Briefcase Cuero / Manchester

Backpack Briefcase Cuero / Manchester

¡Disponibles para entrega 10 a 20 días hábiles después de realizada la compra!

Nuestro Backpack Briefcase en cuero cuenta con una estructura rígida que mantendrá la forma de la maleta en el tiempo. Su doble funcionalidad, maleta y portafolio, es perfecta para aquellos que necesitan comodidad, pero al mismo tiempo elegancia y funcionalidad.

Ahora encontrarás nuestro Backpack Briefcase disponible en dos tamaños:
Mediano (Alto x Largo x Ancho): 38cm x 28cm x 12cm
Grande (Alto x Largo x Ancho): 43cm x 30cm x 12cm

- Cuenta con un compartimiento especial con cremallera para guardar las correas de la maleta y así convertirla en portafolio. 
- En la parte de atrás cuenta con un bolsillo de acceso rápido para el celular, billetera, llaves, etc. 
- Herrajes metálicos.
- Acolchado en la parte de la espalda cubierto con Neopreno negro.
- División que se ajusta a la manija de una maleta de ruedas.
- Compartimento con cremallera exclusivo para computador.

- Dos bolsillos con el patrón exclusivo de INMO.
- Compatimentos para 2 lapiceros.
- Bolsillo mediano de malla con cremallera.
- Bolsillo grande con cremallera.
- Caucho para asegurar una botella de agua, termo de café o una sombrilla.
- Extensiones removibles laterales con el patrón exclusivo de INMO.

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Puedes pagar a través de nuestra página web o a través de transferencia a nuestra cuenta en Bancolombia o Davivienda. Para más información escríbenos por WhatsApp al +57 310 5610085.


INMO’s Laptop backpack for men black canvas is designed for those who are looking for a more casual style with the comfort of a bag and the elegance of a portfolio/briefcase, and for those who travel often from one place to another.

(Black canvas backpack, dark laptop bag, canvas shoulder bag, water resistant backpack)

General information:

- Bag's Dimensions:
Medium: 38 × 28 × 12 cm (Tall x Long x Wide)
Large: 43 × 30 × 12 cm (Tall x Long x Wide)

The bag has the following in its Interior:

-A rigid structure that prevents it from losing its shape.
-Two pockets with INMO’s iconic cloth to store essentials.
-Slider for pens.
-Meshed Pocket to store little things.
-Meshed pocket with zipper.
-Pocket with zipper to store cables and chargers.
-Rubber to secure a bottle of water, a thermos or an umbrella.
-Lateral detachable extensions with INMO’s exclusive pattern for full or controlled opening of the main compartment.

The bag comes with the following on its exterior:

-A special pocket with a zipper to store the shoulder straps to use the bag as a portfolio/briefcase.
-An easy access pocket located at the back, it’s perfect for your phone, wallet, keys or else.
-Padded back covered with black neoprene.
-Division to adjust the backpack to your wheeled bag’s handle.
-Zippered compartment excusive for laptops. (Up to 13" or a 15" MacBook ).

Take a look at the pictures and please feel free to ask us any questions. We want to create a suitable bag for every moment that you feel connected with. All the feedback you can give us will be useful to improve and create future models.

- Where is my bag coming from?

We are committed to be responsible with the environmet. We use only responsible tanned leather, free from toxic materials. Also, our leather suppliers have wastewater treatment facilities so nature is being taking care of properly. Check!

You can pay through our website or through a transfer to our account at Bancolombia or Davivienda. For more information write to us through WhatsApp at +57 310 5610085.

Do not hesitate to leave comments. Have a great day! 

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